Social trading

In the age of the Internet and social media, actors such as banks and fund companies are under pressure to change. Today it is increasingly public – or even “social” – to be created and “traded”.

The Social Trading ( “Community trading”) complements our current services as an independent investment advisor and provides our customers the opportunity directly to our trading success participate. This strategy is a good addition to our medium-term investment portfolio and the classic old-age provision concept. Originally, social trading arose from the desire to participate in the profit and expertise of others and is the embodiment of a “social network” in the financial world. True to the motto “Together we are strong”, a social trading platform brings successful experts together with market entrants and has enjoyed enormous growth since 2014. As a trading novice you can create your own social trading portfolio put together and will participate in the profits of other people (so-called copying).

After we have dealt with social trading for a good 12 months and the trading systems are now very well developed, we want to offer this service to our customers as well. Leading providers in the German market are currently ayondo, Zulutrade, Wikifolio and eToro. After a long calculation, we decided on the provider eToro, which offers the best offer in terms of price / performance ratio and usability.

Now sign and our portfolio (dbossenz) copy.

Trading stastics

The monthly statistics are calculated on the basis of the change in equity between the beginning and the end of the respective month. Of course, all incoming and outgoing payments are also adjusted so that no falsified results are displayed and only the real performance of the portfolio is displayed.

Social Trading Statistics September 2016

Current chart

The displayed performance is based on the simulated results of a copy process of $ 10,000 and a specified Copy Stop Loss of 40%.




First social trading account started

Result of the first 2 weeks: Over 20% profit in the trading portfolio
platform: etoro is one of the top 10 most innovative companies in the financial sector.

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Top consultant in Germany (WhoFinance)

DIE WELT and BILD publish the best list of investment and financial advisors throughout Germany. The list of the best financial and investment advisors is based on the reviews submitted by clients and rigorously and independently verified. For the 5th time we have been recognized as one of the best consulting firms for financial and investment products.


Top consultant in Germany (WhoFinance)

For the first time we received an award as one of the best investment advisors in Germany. Further information on the rating and the rating platform can be found here . You can access my profile here:


“Financial services must be reinvented”

No other industry used to be as disreputable as the financial services industry. This is still the case today, although the reputation has improved a little. In the past, it was mainly due to the fact that customers were repeatedly ripped off and misinformed by banks and insurers.

I finally started my own business in 2006 with the idea of ​​fair and independent investment advice. For 10 years now I have been managing the investment portfolios of over 600 clients across Europe.


The first online depot

Finance and money interested me from a young age. So it didn’t take long until I opened my first online depot at the age of 16 and from now on I no longer left the investment to the banks.

I started my first investments in a portfolio with a wide mix of investment products. This includes shares in some cases, but also larger equity funds.

Social Trading Expert

Daniel Charles Bossenz
Professional Social Trader
Independent Investment Advisor since 2006

etoro trading account: ” dbossenz

Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy only when others are fearful.

Warren Buffett

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Preferred markets

  • raw materials
  • currency
  • Blue chips
  • technology
  • Health care


Diploma in business law (FH)

Insurance specialist (IHK), insurance broker according to § 34d Abs. 1 GewO

Financial investment broker according to §34 f paragraph 1 GewO