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Finance and Insurance Management

Sustainable financial planning must first secure your existence and that of your family or your company. That is our absolute priority. That is why we not only work as an investment advisor, but also as an independent insurance broker by your side. 

Depending on the investment horizon, your assets are exposed to short-term price fluctuations and economic cycles. B. Accidents, illnesses or occupational disability that can endanger the accumulation of assets and the financial concept. We have therefore specialized in looking for the overwhelming insurance market that best suits you and your life situation – whether it is accident insurance, health insurance or disability insurance. Our credo: “Know what is good and do what works.” We make sure that you invest every penny wisely and only in insurance that you really need.

Our ability lies in the right mix of protection and asset accumulation. We develop a holistic and sustainable financial plan for you, with which you can safely navigate through the great cosmos of the financial world. And because the world and life are constantly changing, we regularly compare your status – in order to readjust if your wishes or the market change.

Frequently asked questions from our customers

What does this service cost me?

The advice is basically free of charge. We receive a kind of brokerage fee from the respective product providers. This is incorporated into every product as a cost parameter. This means that this also applies to online portals or banking advice. However, you will not receive a separate invoice from us.

Do I get better conditions?

Thanks to a large customer base and broker status, we receive significant price discounts or improved conditions from the insurance companies. We pass these conditions on to our customers 100%.

I do not have much money. Does financial coaching make sense for me?

According to our principles, we want to enable EVERYONE to have financial coaching. Of course, the options are limited if there are few surpluses, but here too we have concepts that enable students, part-time jobs or low-wage earners to lay the foundation for professional asset accumulation.

I already have insurance and investments.

Most of our customers have already been advised. Some of them were dissatisfied, others did not feel they had been advised independently or would like a second opinion. We would be happy to give you non-binding feedback on your insurance contracts or investments. In accordance with our philosophy, we will also tell you if you already have recommended products.


No compulsion.  You don’t commit to anything. We believe that good work leads to success and we give you all the freedom until you have a good gut feeling.

No 08/15.  Our concepts are individually designed and precisely tailored to the goals in life, the current situation and the financial possibilities of our customers.

We help you through the financial jungle

  • Inventory analysis
  • Pension advice
  • Investment advice
  • Insurance optimization
  • Financial coaching
  • Financing advice

We look forward to your inquiry.

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Initial meeting

In the first introductory meeting, we define your goals and ideas for the future. In addition, we create an inventory and review your current investments or insurance contracts together.



Concept advice

In the second meeting we will present our concept for optimizing your financial situation. All your questions will be clarified and possible changes defined.



Individual concept adaptation

In the next step, parts of the financial concept are implemented in order to take the first step. Basically, our financial advice is a process that can take 5-7 appointments and of course regular service appointments.

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